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Torn pec rules Trbojevic out of finals, World Nines and Tests


       NRL News

       2 September 2019

Sea Eagles club doctor Ameer Ibrahim said Trbojevic would suffer no long-term effects from the surgery on his left upper arm. His absence from this year's NRL finals series is a massive blow for Des Hasler's team.


Photo: Daniel Tupou being escorted off the field by Dr Ibrahim. Photo: Gregg Porteous

Heading 2

Hybrid Physio Podcast: Episode 11 - Dr Ameer Ibrahim: Sports Medicine


       Hybrid Physio Podcast

       June 2019

Dr Ibrahim and the Hybrid Physio team discuss return to sport, the amazing Cooper Cronk 2018 Grand Final story, advances in sports medicine, PRP & stem cells, how Physio’s and Sports Doctor's should work together and much more.


The lowdown on pectoral tears


        NRL News

        24 March 2019

Dr Ibrahim said players who suffer a pectoral muscle tear need not worry about any weakness being there permanently.


Photo: Daniel Tupou being escorted off the field by Dr Ibrahim. Photo: Gregg Porteous

Inside Story: How the Roosters defied the odds


      NRL News

      17 March 2019

As the Sydney Roosters prepared for the 2018 grand final, they did not know if their injured halfback Cooper Cronk would be able to play. And if he did play, what role he would be able to take in their game plan?


NRL superstars Greg inglis and Latrell Mitchell could risk serious injury on SCG turf


      The Daily Telegraph

      11 March 2019


One of rugby league's most respected medical experts has expressed concerns that the haphazard SCG turf could lead to injury for NRL superstars like Greg Inglis and Latrell Mitchell.


Photo: Craig Golding

Cronk's Crazy Week Revealed!


      Fox Sports

      30 September 2018


Roosters doctor Ameer Ibrahim details the insane lengths his staff went to so that Cooper Cronk could play with a broken shoulder blade in the NRL grand final.

Cooper Cronk. Photo: Getty


NRL: Sydney Roosters doctor likens Cooper Cronk's injury to those seen in 'motorbike accidents'


      Wide World of Sports - Channel 9

      1 October 2018

Cooper Cronk’s shoulder injury has been likened to those seen in severe “motorbike accidents” according to Roosters doctor Ameer Ibrahim.

Cooper Cronk. Photo: Getty

'Like a motorbike accident': Roosters doc lauds Cronk's courage


      Sydney Morning Herald

      1 October 2018


Roosters doctor Ameer Ibrahim has likened Cooper Cronk’s injury to those suffered in “motorbike accidents” and declared he has not seen a more courageous effort from a sportsman during his two decades in practice.


Cooper Cronk and Boyd Cordner. Photo: AAP

Cooper Cronk’s health rested in the hands of Dr Ameer Ibrahim — a decision that weighed heavily on the club physician


      Fox Sports

      1 October 2018

DOCTOR Ameer Ibrahim left no stone unturned when looking for a way to get Cooper Cronk onto the paddock on Sunday night.

Because looking at the scans, he believed the star halfback had Buckley’s chance to make it.


Sydney Roosters Players. Photo: Brett Costello

Head Injury Assessment


      Sunday Football - Chanel 9

      28 August 2016


Dr Ameer Ibrahim, Sports Doctor for the Sydney Roosters, demonstrates with former Sydney Roosters player, Brad Fittler, the Head Injury Assessment (HIA) process an NRL player must go through when a concussion is suspected.

The anatomy of Mike Baird's back break


      News - SBS

      23 August 2016


"The premier fractured a vertebrae in his lower back. Sports physician and Sydney Roosters chief medical officer Dr Ameer Ibrahim says the injury is called a transverse process fracture on the lumbar spine."

Mike Baird. Photo: Business Insider Australia

Woman falls overboard, survives 38 hours without lifejacket in South China Sea


       The Feed - SBS

       17 August 2016


"Dr Ameer Ibrahim from the Sydney Sports Medicine Centre in Homebush Olympic Park told SBS prolonged exercise in water and without fuel would have wreaked havoc on a host of internal bodily functions."

Photo: The Feed

Photo: James Croucher

DNA testing places new emphasis on the personal of training


      The Australian

       25 July 2016


"Ameer Ibrahim has mixed opinions about DNA fitness tests. “Personally I haven’t used them, but it’s something that is ­becoming more common. Some of the information can be gained through other means but there’s other parts that are useful. I find it interesting and I particularly like the recovery information pre­sented,” the Sydney Sportsmed Specialists doctor says."

South Sydney halfback Adam Reynolds was dazed and confused ... and concussed


      The Sydney Morning Herald

      18 March 2015


"Who else knows is the Sydney Roosters doctor Ameer Ibrahim, whose remarks upon Reynolds return are commendably strong, and addressed to the NRL's new chief medical officer Paul Bloomfield."

Adam Reynolds being escorted off the field. Photo:

Roosters doctor sparks concussion debate: "What if it was Mitchell Pearce?"


      Brisbane Times

      16 March 2015

"Sydney Roosters doctor Ameer Ibrahim has questioned how South Sydney halfback Adam Reynolds was allowed to return in Sunday's match at ANZ Stadium and called for independent doctors to rule on concussions."

Photo: O'Neill Institute

A wake-up call for the high-protein brigade


      The Australian

       22 August 2014


"Ameer Ibrahim, FIFA sports medicine instructor for the Asian Football Confederation, says it’s difficult for the body to ingest large volumes of protein year after year...


“Protein is important to repair muscles after lifting weights and putting on size, but the dosage of is paramount: the body requires 2.5g of protein daily per kilogram of body weight.”"

A protein bar. Photo: News Limited

Sydney Roosters star Jake Friend to miss start of season due to shoulder surgery


      The Sydney Morning Herald

      1 November 2014


"Friend's toughness can't be questioned. He sustained a lung injury so severe during his club's round 25 clash that it was compared to that of a car-crash victim.


"The 24-year-old lost two litres of blood, prompting Roosters chief medical officer Dr Ameer Ibrahim to say: "Had Jake been living in the country, four or five hours away from hospital, he would have died.""

Jake Friend. Photo: Getty Images

Sonny Bill Williams to miss a month of NRL for Roosters with fractured thumb


     The Sydney Morning Herald

     26 July 2014

"Sydney Roosters back-rower Sonny Bill Williams will return before the NRL finals despite fracturing his thumb against Newcastle on Friday night.


"Williams will miss at least a month of the regular season, but Roosters chief medical officer Dr Ameer Ibrahim on Saturday allayed fears Williams could end his NRL stint on the sidelines."

Sonny Bill Williams. Photo: Getty Images

Tests to help schools protect young brains from sporting injuries


     The Daily Telegraph

     8 June 2013


"Newington College introduced pre-season concussion testing in 2008 under the guidance of the school's sports physician Dr Ameer Ibrahim.


"Rugby and soccer players are routinely tested, using a 90-second test in which players have to match symbols to numbers."

Under 15 Rugby team members from Newington College in Sydney. Photo: Sam Ruttyn 

Australian Cricket Team 2011.

Sports doctor says still too many injuries


     ABC News

     17 December 2012


"TOM NIGHTINGALE: Dr Ameer Ibrahim is a sports physician who accompanied the Australian squad to Sri Lanka last year.

"AMEER IBRAHIM: It seems easy to the average person sitting back in their lounge room looking at TV but the strain on the body is immense. You've got these bowlers who are coming in, charging in, it's a one sided action and you're putting sort of six times your body weight through the side of the your body. I'm not surprised that they don't break down."

Doctors made aware of sports medicine issues



     5 November 2012


"“It was a very instructive course where we got to pass on info we had in the Elite Education Seminar held in Kuala Lumpur early this year,” instructor Ameer Ibrahim told

“The seminar focused on three main concurring problems of football; injury prevention, football emergency medicine and doping control matters.”"

Body Beautiful



     6 October 2012

"Many Australian men are risking their lives for the perfect body.


"More young men are bowing to societal pressure to be physically bigger and stronger, but psychologists warn that taken to the extreme, this can lead to a new mental illness known as “body dysmorphia”."

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